Cross Country Flight

Cross Country Flight

Once you decided to fly Cross-country flight where pilots can glide from one thermal to the next to go from one place to another crossing the lake, valley or flying along the Sarangkot Mountain. Having gained altitude in a thermal, a pilot glides down to the next available thermal. Cloudbase in Pokhara varies from season but average is 2500 m above see level.

Cross-country flying is an autstanding adventure and in an hour flight we can fly about 30 killometers to the Green wall & back or cruise along Sarangkot Mountain flying to Tori Pani & back to the scenary of Pokhara city, Fewa Lake and World Peace Stupa above Pokhara.

Cross-country flying is the classical form of paragliding competitions with championships in club, regional, national and international levels. In Pokhara every Year it is handled one International Level Paragliding competition. 

In Pokhara we are still able to do very impressive Cross-Country flights as the airspace for that yet is open. 

Flight duration is 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

Price: Rs. 11500 (For Foreign Nations), 8500 NPR (For Nepalees)

New Price: Rs. 9775 (For Foreign Nations), Rs. 7225 (For Nepalees)

The price for Paragliding Tandem Flight in Nepal is fixed by NAA (Nepal Airsport Association) and should be the same in any company and organization.
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